The Perks of Unmanned Storage Facilities

Managers of storage facilities are all too familiar with the hassles and difficulties that come with running such a business. Now in a time where technology is beginning to play a much larger role in virtually all aspects of business, more and more managers are beginning to utilize automated, unmanned facilities.

Not everyone who runs a storage facility feels that this is the best route, but for those whose responsibilities may become too time consuming, unmanned facilities can provide a weight of their shoulders. Rather than having to be present on a daily basis, installing on-site kiosks where customers can submit payments, personal information, and even fill out electronic contracts allowing them to move in that day provide a convenience for both you as a manager and the customers. Alternatively, displaying signs that list your facility’s phone number and website allows potential storage unit users to find all the information they need online through their smartphones.

A common concern for those skeptical of unmanned facilities is the supposedly increased chance of vandalism or theft. When on-site managers and staff have left for the day, locking up and securing the facility is their first concern. For automated facilities that regularly have little to no staff on site, the steps in preventing crime should be approached differently, though they can offer relief. Installing 24-hour security cameras, keeping the facility well lit at night, and improving any gates or locks to the most high-quality forms of technology available can guarantee the safety of all storage units. Location is also key. Take note of the surrounding community and the specific crime rates that come with it.

Another bonus of converting to an automated and unmanned facility is the reduced cost. Without a staff required, managers can save thousands on salaries, as well as construction costs for any new developments. Increased savings in the world of storage units can be a blessing for those that run them. With more to spend, managers can install enhanced security measures (as previously mentioned), climate-controlled units, and a chic design to attract even more customers, leading to even more revenue.

Some of the main concerns that many have when running unmanned facilities fall into the categories of security, and customer service. A level of security comparable to that of a state prison is not required. Unmanned facilities often have the most up-to-date technology on locks and gates that prevent any would-be criminal from entering its perimeters. In terms of customer service, utilizing high-quality web marketing services that make all processes easy, without the help of an actual person can actually provide more of a convenience for all customers. Including things like a map of the facility, an electronic contract, and, of course, a phone number should they require some assistance can put your storage facility ahead of the rest.

For managers in this business who are seeking a change in some way, converting to an unmanned, automated facility can be greatly beneficial in several ways. Consider the points mentioned above if you’re looking to save time, money, and hassle.

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