How to Improve Your Tenants’ Move-In Day


Moving items into a new self-storage unit can be an exhausting, tedious effort for customers, with many potential complications involved. With the recent inclusion of technology, move-ins have been made somewhat easier, but the potential problems remain. From error messages to difficulty connecting to the facility’s app or website, these issues can turn a returning customer into a lost client. In order to make your tenants’ move-in days as smooth as possible, understand the best strategies you can implement, and retain your clientele.

First, give them the power to do everything themselves. That is to say that you should have a website or mobile app set up which allows your tenants to go through the process of choosing and renting a unit all by themselves. Allow them to compare prices, browse available units, and, for a more unique idea, virtually test a certain unit size with the amount of items they plan to move in. This allows you to manage your self-storage facility without actually having to be present.

Make sure you are up to date on the latest software available as well. Nothing is more frustrating for a tenant than using software that constantly freezes or shuts down, losing all of the information that they may have just submitted. Think of a poorly functioning app or website as an incompetent employee. It is an unacceptable part of your business that must be dealt with. Another key thing to consider is that with slower move-in processes, you are effectively limiting yourself to how many people can move in to your facility per day, week, and year.

Always offer assistance to new tenants moving in, or current tenants looking to expand. A self-storage facility that expects its customers to handle the physical part of the move-in process entirely by themselves is one that is bound to receive several negative reviews. While it is not always included in every business, offering to help your tenants by assigning employees to aid in packing and unpacking can separate you from your competitors. Similarly, give referrals to your tenants for local moving companies that might have larger vehicles capable of moving larger quantities of items. Anything you can do to ease the burden of moving.

Copy, copy, copy. Make sure you are always making copies of the most important documents that come with moving a new tenant in. Digital storage is your best friend in this situation. Keep all crucial files within one online folder, such as invoices, lease signings, receipts, copies of your customers driver’s licenses, and more. Not only does this ensure that everything is available for you and your tenants to review, but it also greatly reduces the risk of losing any files or having them stolen.

Making your customers’ move-in experiences as smooth and easy as possible should be a crucial part of your self-storage business. Keep in mind that many self-storage tenants are utilizing this feature because of a major life event. They may have just bought a house, started a new business, or something a little more negative. Regardless, your facility should be the least of their worries. You should be seen as a major convenience for all of your tenants, and making the move-in process smooth and painless is one of many ways to achieve that goal.

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