Building a Reputation as a New Storage Facility

For those who have newly joined the self storage industry, figuring out how to market your facility can be tricky. Your first consideration should be location. Take not of the surrounding communities when deciding where to build your self storage facility, as this will greatly affect how successful your business will be. Once all’s said and done, your property is built, your logo is designed, and your online presence is a go, you’ll need to get your name out there and begin showing potential customers that you are an effective, trustworthy business.

In order to gain customers, you’ll have to create a sense a trust among those who use your services. Building credibility is crucial. If your customers use and appreciate the units that you offer, not only will they continue to come back, but they will more than likely suggest your facility to a friend or colleague. The key is finding that first customer to do so.

A beneficial platform on which you can build your business would be to work closely with a charity or non-profit organization. Not only will you be contributing to a good cause and potentially offering a charity storage units for their needs, but members of the community will see that your company’s morals are valuable. They may either seek to use your facility knowing portions of your funds go toward a good cause, or simply spread the word of your good deeds as a business owner.

Another great strategy for new businesses are one-time offers, or specials for new customers. Giving something away can be seen as good business. This may include discounts on a customer’s first month’s rent when offering units, or a free item given to them upon renting a unit. The important part is that you are showing care for your customers, thus gaining their trust, and in turn, their loyalty. An effective way to promote these offers is to send coupons out to the local community around the time you open, listing not only potential discounts, but your contact information, website, and any social media profiles you may have.

A surefire way to market yourself as professional is to have a clear, understandable rental agreement for customers looking to take advantage of your facility. Simplify every contract you offer for a smooth, easy process. Not everyone knows the ins and outs of the self storage industry. Show customers that your practices as a self storage facilitator are practical and logical without delving too much into the industry to the point of losing their interest.

Lastly, build a reputation for yourself as an ethical business owner. There are few things that frustrate customers more than hidden fees. Be as transparent and upfront about your policies as you can, and stress the amount of care you put into those that use your facility. Pay attention to those you hire as well. Your employees should be as friendly and helpful as you wish in order to have a great reputation within the self storage industry.

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