5 Businesses You Can Run From a Self Storage Unit

While self storage units provide safekeeping for excess belongings in the process of downsizing, they can also give small business owners a much needed office, should their current working environments be less than accommodating. Before investing in an office building that could add thousands of dollars onto your monthly payments, consider looking into a self storage facility of about 200-300 feet. Below are five businesses that may benefit from utilizing such space.


Finding a photo studio in today’s world can be an extremely difficult task for professional photographers, most of which resorting to dedicating entire rooms in their homes to their careers. While this may be convenient for some, it could add clutter and take up precious space. A self storage unit is, in some ways, the ideal setting for a photography studio. With proper backdrops and lighting, the work produced would not be any lower quality than that of a much larger studio. However, it would be best to review the storage facility’s policies beforehand, as some have strict guidelines on what can and cannot be done within the confines of a self storage unit.

Online Sales

Selling products through eBay, Amazon, or any other online sales platform can have a surprisingly high demand for products. Proper packaging materials like boxes, cushioning, address labels, and shipping scales are necessary, and can consume a fair amount of space. Storing the products you intend to sell, along with the amenities needed, in a self storage unit can be extremely convenient. Set up a desk or workplace within this space as well to effectively handle all orders.

Repair Services

Any effective handyman knows that space is crucial when repairing all different kinds of goods and products. Perhaps more importantly is the space needed to store key parts and materials that may be smaller and easy to lose. Storage units can provide the freedom to operate along with room to set up cabinets, drawers, and toolboxes to efficiently store the smaller things. Whether you’re repairing a broken clock or a faulty dining room table, an average size self storage unit can suffice.

Thrift Shop

As mentioned before, reviewing the storage facility’s guidelines and policies before conducting your services from these units is crucial. If permitted, managing retail from a self storage unit can be valuable, and cost-effective. A thrift store, selling a wide range of products, can benefit greatly from such a small space. Set up proper shelving to display your goods, along with a cash register at the front of the unit for a quick, easy way to sell these products.

Auto Mechanic

This may be more of a difficult business to run out of a self storage unit considering the fact that most facilities discourage cars from consistently coming in and out of the property due to the mess this can create. However, much like repair services, if your expertise lies within individual car parts like engines, exhaust systems, batteries, or cables, a self storage unit provides the space needed for completing these tasks, and is a much cheaper option than renting or purchasing an entire garage.

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