How to Improve Your Self Storage Management Skills

Truly defined as a speciality industry, the self storage business is one that must be run by knowledgeable managers who are well versed in the field, and have a dedication to improving the experiences of all customers. For newer individuals in a managerial position, learning all the aspects of self storage required to properly run a successful facility can seem overwhelming, but come over time. The first step is learning the basics of business management.

Customer service, like any other business, is a crucial aspect. You as manager will be relied upon to provide customers with the most enjoyable experience possible in order to retain your clientele, and have word spread about your self storage facility. However, the best practice is not to put on a facade, acting only as a courteous manager within the confines of your facility. The best managers truly have welcoming personalities that attract customers. Seeing as your clientele will consist almost entirely of members of your local community, act as a respectable member alongside them, carry business cards for those interested, and display your personality. A confident, effective self storage manager is one that can properly handle all types of customers.

Maintaining flexibility is extremely important, especially within the first few months of starting your self storage business. Before you’re able to hire the necessary employees to facilitate certain areas of the business to alleviate your workload, you must take responsibility for everything that goes on. This includes sales, maintenance, housekeeping, and security, though the more established your business becomes, the less you may have to do. You may receive a phone call late at night from a customer complaining about a broken lock or door, preventing them access from their storage unit. For now, be flexible in helping your customers and your facility as a whole. You should not rely on others to do what needs to be done when first starting out.

Arm yourself with knowledge. As mentioned before, a successful self storage manager is one who has a vast knowledge of the industry and everything that goes into running a proper facility. One of the best ways to do this is to join any local self storage associations that may be present in your community. In these meetings, you can meet other professionals in the self storage industry, and gain a invaluable wealth of knowledge from those who may be much more experienced. With that said, it is common business practice to always study your competition. That is not to say that copying their moves in an attempt to better them is recommended, but it can help you stay up to date with the latest pricing trends, software updates, and more.

Though these are just a few strategies to better your management skills in the self storage industry, they can be extremely valuable if applied correctly. Never stop striving to grow your business, delivering the best customer service possible throughout, and keeping in touch with other leaders in the industry to stay up to date and relevant. While it may take time, the foundation for a successful self storage facility begins with a confident, dedicated manager.

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