Kevan Casey

Kevan Casey is serial entrepreneur and accomplished business leader.

Kevan Casey began his career by joining the family business after completing his studies. He started at the bottom, mastering each component of the company’s process through first-hand experience. In every role and capacity, Kevan took care to listen and build relationships with his team members based on mutual respect – a value he continues to champion to this day. Kevan thrived in each aspect of the company’s success – logistical, sales, operational, and otherwise. His efforts culminated in an appointment to the position of VP of Operations.

Kevan Casey went on to establish a series of successful entrepreneurial ventures. This work established him as a leader in the tech industry by the late 1990’s. At the turn of the millennium, he became increasingly active as an investor in the oil and gas space. Regardless of his role or industry, Kevan has remained steadfastly committed to excellence in client service.

Most recently, Kevan Casey entered the self-storage industry and has since purchased his first facility in northern Houston, which is already undergoing a new round of expansion.

Self-storage allows you and your family to prioritize which belongings best suit your current lifestyle, without forcing your to make a sacrifice you may later regret. Putting valuable and keepsakes in a safe, affordable place creates new opportunity for you to worry less about clutter and more about the things that matter.

That time will eventually come in many people’s lives when they need to downsize. It may be that you are retiring and relocating to a smaller home, or perhaps you have decided to move to an exciting and beautiful retirement community that happens to offer a lot less closet space. Another common scenario is when the kids have all taken off to college, gotten married or just finally ventured out on their own, and you suddenly have decades worth of belongings left behind. Whatever the reason, you have to downsize! You need to clean up and clean out – you just have too much stuff. That is where self-storage can truly serve as an incredible tactic or tool.

Whatever your reason is for downsizing, self-storage is the solution that will make that next chapter in your life easier, less stressful, and more organized.

Downsizing can be an overwhelming process for anyone. Fortunately, self-storage is a great option that creates extra space in your home (old or new), keeps your belongings safe and secure, and gives you the peace of mind that your stuff is easily accessible when you need it.